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The Artist and the Engineer

Today I woke up and had that “compelled to write” feeling, you remember, the one I wrote about in this blog.

And as I was thinking about what I wanted to write about, I suddenly remembered that I had several draft posts saved up in this here website establishment which had titles, but no content. One of which was this one, aptly named “The Artist and the Engineer”.

Similarly named to the previous discussion about the Author and the Character, this concept is somewhat opposite of that one.

left-brain-right-brain-3What I mean by that is, the concept of the Author and the Character spans between the idea of the Ego and the Spirit. The all permeating all knowing everything that You are, and the human body that You inhabit, struggling to make its way in a devastating, confusing, and sometimes messed up world.

The Artist and the Engineer on the other hand, applies to both the Author and the Character, as the stories are being written, as well as being experienced.

Surely, by now you may have made the connection to the Male and Female duality. It seems pretty obvious that the Artist is Female, and the Engineer is Male. Please understand that as I say that, what i’m describing by “Artist” and “Engineer” is more of an archetype if anything. There are male and female engineers as well as artists, and there are engineers with artistic minds, and artists with engineering minds, and all of the combinations thereof.

In fact, what i’m describing is the recognition of all of those balances, within people individually as well as the balance between people when they come together.

Usually, in creating a Vesica Pisces with someone, there will always be a more dominant trait for each individual. The energies will usually align for one or the other to be Male, or Female. If both are both strong male energies, they will still relate through a male and female balance, as well as a male – male balance, and (perhaps a very small) female – female balance. Likewise, if both are very strong female energies, they will still relate through a balance of all of the possibilities. Male-Male, Female-Female, and Male-Female.

If you were to look at the geometry of the Brain, you would see the same thing happening. This is a graphic from Drunvalo’s Flower of Life book 1, where he describes how the brain is essentially a mirror of itself in a myriad of ways, all coming together in the center – the Pineal Gland.


You have a Male side, and a Female side, and the Male side is split up into Male and Female as well. The female side does the same. So within each Male component, there is a male/female split. And within each Female component, there is also a male/female split. Does that make sense?

Now that we have that framework, what exactly is the balance between the Artist, and the Engineer?

Well very simply, the Artist is the imagining of all of the possibilities of what could be, and the Engineer puts the structure on it to make it a real, tangible thing. They need each other.

It’s in the mind of the artist, the dreamer that imagines putting a man on the moon, and it’s the Engineer’s mind that says “How do we make that happen?” 

Part of the problem we’re facing in our modern world (which I believe I described pretty well in the video “Male and Female Energy”) Is that there is simply too much male energy dominating the way of doing things. There is a surprising lack of female energy, which is why most buildings are boxes. It’s why we don’t have cross country bullet-trains. It’s why we don’t have flying cars, because Male-ness has taken a strong hold on things, in “protecting and sustaining the previous infrastructure”, instead of building something new and expanding into new territory!

Symbiosis-Gathering-CoverAnd that’s where Female Energy comes in. I’ve been to a number of Festivals the past year and one thing I notice and love is that there is a huge push on art. Artists gather from all over to make incredible things together, paintings, clothing, geometric structures to house concerts, it’s very very cool! There’s some powerful vision for bringing artistry and engineering together, because when you do – magic happens.

And just think… what would it be like to take things to the next level? What would it look like to bring artistry and engineering into a post-modern world?

I imagine that’s where the Roly-Poly Cars and Dragonfly-Planes would come in! When Biology and Engineering can come together to create a new type of bio-engineering, how exciting would that be!

And remember, you are not one, nor the other. You are Both! And Neither simultaneously. You are the awareness of the Male and the Female, and through your awareness of these thoughts and ideas, you can decide how you want to put them together.

It’s my artistic mind that says I’d like to build an eco-dome on the moon… and it’s my engineering mind that asks “How do we get started?”

Hmmm… How about an Art Contest? 

Loved and Lost…

Is it really better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all?

is-it-better-to-have-loved-and-lost-a-poem-by-pookyFor when that moment comes when everything that was so real just a moment ago is ripped away from your heart and you are left feeling cold and alone… in that moment… You know what it means to suffer. You know what it means to hurt.

In that moment is where you feel the depth of where emotions can take you. The feeling of wanting to throw a chair through a window, or tear down a telephone pole and smash it against things. That feeling of wanting to crawl in bed and never come out, because an important part of your world was connected to the one that you loved, and now that they are not there… an empty space remains.

And the forest burns.

Sometimes, the forest has been dead for a very long time… and it’s burning simply the required action in beginning anew.

002_2In other times, the forest is fresh and lush… and what must have happened for such a piece of majesty and beauty to have befallen such pain and suffering, that it must burn in its entirety…for what reason?

In that moment, as the forest burns, or as you stand at the edge of the field of empty, gray ash… in that moment you ask the question… did it really have to be this way?

Could it have gone differently?

Is there anything we can do that can bring it back to the way it was?

Is it really better to have loved and lost… than to have never loved at all?


It is only when the new seedlings begin to sprout up that you begin to relax. That empty feeling begins to vanish in place of a new-found love for what now emerges as the next thing. The next love, the one that rises from the ashes NEWSEEDSof what lay before. New understandings, new friendships, new abilities…

Maybe part of the forest remains, and simply needs continued nurturing to grow. In taking up that task that phrase begins to make sense… It really is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all… The love was important.

Losing it was just as important, there is something more to learn. Something more to see. Did it have to be that way? Maybe not, but since it did, lets take what we learned from it, and turn it into something new.

That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow.

I love you,

Now onto the next thing.


Engaged or Out of It

Have you ever had an experience where you were super engaged with what you were doing? How about an experience where you were just out of it and didn’t really care?

I’m sure this feeling isn’t a stranger to any of us, although some of us may be more engaged more often, or perhaps more out of it, more often. It’s that “Working Hard or Hardly Working?” Yin and Yang duality. In truth, there’s nothing wrong with taking a rest and zoning out for a while, but it’s when we stay there (or too far on the other side) for too long that we cause problems in our personal lives.

Lately for me there’s been a rather clear distinction between the two, where in the past it may have been a bit blurry. You know, you’re “into” what you’re doing, but you’re not super INTO it.

It may be because I’ve been waking up early, and when you’re up between 4, 5, or 6, odds are that you’re going to be either working passionately on something right when you’re up (something you’re really excited about), or spending a few hours laying on the couch slowly waking up with the day.

There’s a blog I found on Forbes that describes some of the research that is going into this. You can read it here, it’s a little businessy, but just go with it.

bored-studentNow, I’m not sure exactly why it’s even up for debate, it seems obvious to me that if you’re engaged with something, of course you’re going to put more energy, time, and effort into it. If you’re not engaged with it, you’re going to diddle about until it gets done half-assed, or not done at all.

Whether you’re in school or at work… does that not just sound about right?

There’s a few directions I want to go with this… I’ll have to remind myself to write a blog about Gamification, because that’s by all standards a likely solution to the problem of a lack of engagement in our world. I’m very interested in that topic, and in the mean time, there’s something else i’m very interested in as well.

I have a feeling that a lot of people may ask “Well how do I get engaged in doing some stuff that I flat out don’t want to be doing?”. I’m asking myself that same question right now, reflecting back on times when I wanted to learn how to program with Actionscript and just couldn’t bring myself to do it because it wasn’t engaging enough.

There are two things that come to mind.

The first is, is what you’re doing really all that exciting to you if you’re not engaged? Are you genuinely interested in doing it, or are you doing it for some other reason? Are you only doing it so that you can make money? Are you only doing it so that you can afford to do what you REALLY want to do?

Kevin GallowayWhat if we were able to merge both what we wanted to be doing, as well as ways of supporting ourselves, into the same thing. We could be engaged with the world and our reality on a regular basis.

The second… is what’s stopping you from being engaged with what you’re doing right now? Maybe it’s not the most exciting thing right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be engaged with it. Maybe you want to be engaged but there’s a block. Perhaps you are trying really hard but there’s something missing.

Sometimes, getting the flow right is all about finding the right ingredients. Find out what ingredients are missing in this delightful dish that you are creating that is your life… and add them in. Is it new people? Is it a new piece of technology?

Whatever that ingredient is, might just be what turns your brothy water into a delightful soup.

As for me and actionscript… Back then, I decided it wasn’t quite time yet for me to learn it. I was very interested in making movies, and I didn’t feel as compelled to sink in all of that time, effort and energy to learn something I wasn’t going to use.

Today, I am still assembling the ingredients necessary. I would love to have a studio where I could be free to spend my days drawing, learning code, making games, movies, art, and all kinds of things like that. I’m looking forward to learning how to program with a bunch of people who simply know how it works and can show me the ropes. It’s going to take some time to compile these particular ingredients, but when that day comes, I know it’s going to be a blast 🙂

We are One,

ps. I’m looking for feedback on this blog… Were you engaged while reading it, or were you just out of it?



Heart-Speak and Word-Salad

I was up late tonight… (or rather,) I’m up late tonight… (or maybe even)… I’m up late every night, and this particular night I had a thought about a particular blog.. and felt compelled to write it.

One, because I couldn’t sleep, and two because I didn’t know if this thought would be around for me to jot it down in the morning.

Anyways, here’s the thought. Continue reading

Love and Sex

Love is not about sex, but sex is certainly about love… or at least, it should be.

sexuality2When you’re in a relationship, and striving to create a powerful connection between you and your love, it’s important to recognize what the relationship is about, and why you are together in the first place. If its an intimate or sexual relationship, sometimes we (at least in western culture) often have a habit of making things all about sex… we don’t know any other way to do it. Continue reading

Pain, Resistance, and Birth

Okay, i’m working hard on that other blog (part 2 from yesterday) and i’m having a little bit of a hard time with framing it all in a way that makes sense and doesn’t go on for 400 pages, so I thought i’d shift gears for a day to explore something I just read with you.

opposing forces

This is a reflection and combination of two vibrations, one – this previous blog where I basically said “Look, if something is contradictory, there’s a deeper meaning to it that brings the two halves into a whole. Lets not push the contradictions individually, lets bring them together to understand the bigger picture.”

The second – I just finished reading Teals latest blog “Is Pain a Necessary Part of Birth?“, and it actually really got me thinking. I’ve been reading a lot of Teals blogs lately, It’s interesting to have another reference point of awareness to help me see where my own dots aren’t connecting. Continue reading

The Author and the Character

This is sort of a thought experiment that I wrote a while back in response to something on Facebook… it was something about how you create your own reality, and you chose everything that happened in your life, even the bad stuff like when you were attacked or what have you.

I didn’t like that… so i thought I would explore it with a dialogue about Spirit, and Body.

An interpretation of what is, based on the awareness of the Author, brought up through the character Raymond, in a discussion with the character Jordan, which is then read by you.

We’ll leave the Reader out of this one for now… I want to think about it more, because I hadn’t thought about it until Marie brought it up.

…Get ready for a doozy.

(but if you can make it all the way through, you totally win!)

Continue reading

The Intention Triangulation

I read something this morning that inspired me to write a blog… in addition to that, I just started this new blog, so i figured i should have at least one thing on here written by me… right?

I want to thank Ray and Marie, the two most EPIC people on the planet for helping me set this up too! The website works like clockwork, it’s so snappy, handles like a dream… I’ve never experienced anything like it. If you’ve been on the SS website, you might have an idea of what i’m talking about 😛

Now, I read this article on a popular blog i occasionally read, and i found myself feeling a little anxious as i read it. I’m going to provide a snippet, and i’d like to talk about it. Continue reading