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It’s about being a good person

Art used with permission and featured by Archan Nair!!

I was 5 or 6 years old, and I was sitting in a car driving down henderson highway in winnipeg manitoba. I saw suburbs, housing departments, tons and tons of houses. I remember the moment explicitly, the moment I realized that inside of those houses there were people LIVING there! Not only did they live in them, but they had their own crazy lives filled with adventure and drama and sorrow and joy! It was a unique transition for my heart and mind, to understand how much bigger the world was than in the small family bubble that I had been raised in.

There is a big world out there, and I mean BIG. There’s a lot of people, and everyone experiences their life through their own unique lens.

Sometimes, those lenses are shared, such as in my family. I grew up in a family of 6, and to me that was my lens, the closest people in my life that helped sculpt me who I would become today.

I got to see what life was like from the close reflections of my family, so even if I wasn’t looking through their eyes physically, through my eyes I saw theirs, and through my connection with them I would be able to understand them in ways that was more whole than most of the other connections that any of us had with the outside world… That is, until we leave the nest.


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So… how does a human mind quantify the idea of “life through the collective eyes”. This is what I have come to think about often, the expansion of that thought since I was a young boy. My family was once my lens, where now that is changed through experience. My lens are the people who I have met in my life, and even the people that I haven’t met yet, things i’ve seen on digital media or elsewhere.

Now I see everyone is my lens, I have something to learn from everyone. This is the mindset that allows for rapid development of the conscious mind. The more you look with an open mind, the more you can understand which increases your ability for comprehension of greater and greater thoughts.

By listening in thought to what others are saying, you begin to understand what the collective human mind “looks” like, and by looks I mean literally “how it looks in your 3rd eye”. I’m not even sure that I can describe it yet, but that is something I have been practicing. Wait till you see the new Hermetica series.

This whole process is ultimately what takes me down the rabbit hole in my own spiritual evolution, and I share it with you today so that it too may be beneficial to you, whether your new to it or you just love hearing another way to describe the same thing that your going through. Now, I can be your lens, as you have been mine.

We may have 2 physical eyes, but all of the data that goes through them belongs to all of us.  It is beyond ownership. It is the stuff that we are all made up of, and a controller for the greatest holo-reality game ever created.

And we are the characters.

But there’s something important to know about all of this, something that goes beyond looking through each other to see life bigger and grander than you did it before.


It’s about the awareness of the other and having respect for the differences between the lens. This can be represented in the most practical of examples, such as: You don’t take advice on how to lose weight from a fat man, or perhaps the gentler version: You don’t go up to a nascar winner when you can’t even drive, and start telling them how they could race better.

But in the largest, and perhaps the most simplest form, it’s truly about one very simple, and yet all encompassing idea.

It’s about being a good person.

Good, of course, meaning:

good (adj.)

Old English god (with a long “o”) “excellent, fine; valuable; desirable, favorable, beneficial; full, entire, complete;” of abstractions, actions, etc., “beneficial, effective; righteous, pious;” of persons or souls, “righteous, pious, virtuous;” probably originally “having the right or desirable quality,”

Did you catch that?

The origin of Good was god with a long ‘o’.”


Shouldn’t that pretty much tell us everything we could possibly want to know, about what it means to be a “good” person?

Striving for that, whether solo or in community, makes creators of us all. For what is more excellent, fine, or valuable, than one who strives to be excellent, fine, or valuable? If you create things of value, you become valuable to those who receive your gift!

If those things are “beneficial and effective”, as described in the definition, then it is truly YOU that are beneficial and effective, and your creations are filled with your love.

And it is then that we transform life on earth as we know it, into one of collaboration, and celebration.


Money & Spirituality

money-yangAhhh… Money & Spirituality. This is the big one, i love participating in discussions about this. I hope that you get involved in the discussion too, not just with me, but with those who are around you.

Show them the stuff I’m about to show you, talk about the stuff that we’re talking about. In order to break free from the bonds that bind us, we have to be open enough to explore ALL of the possibilities, and flow in the path of least resistance.

So, why are we talking about money? Perhaps it’s obvious that it’s one of the biggest bonds that binds us (it’s a self-induced trap, seeing as we were the ones who put ourselves there), but also, one of the main reasons that I’m writing about money today is that EVERYONE is talking about it!

By everyone, I mean that i’m staring upon a huge mass of people on facebook all sharing their thoughts, ideas, attacks and defenses, loving supportive words to each other and myself… and it’s getting crazy!!

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

And if that’s still not good enough – Here’s an entire SECOND conversation about it!

What is really getting me excited is that people are getting really engaged with thinking and sharing around the idea of Money and Spirituality. I don’t feel good about the typical feeling that “If it’s about Spirituality, it’s supposed to be Free”..except for the donation basket at church, right?

add_valueFor me, I think what we’re really talking about here is Value Exchange. Taking the concepts of money out of the way for a moment, if you were a shoemaker, and you made shoes for people, would you be expected to do it for free because it’s “Spiritual?”. You are putting your time, effort, and energy into the shoes that you make, and you are doing it with love.

Perhaps if you’re a filmmaker, would you be able to make a movie for free with no exchange whatsoever, to share your creations with the world and not get anything in return?

It’s the same principle for anyone who is creating anything for anyone else. Exchange something of value for what that thing is worth. Equivalent exchange. I’ve had a really hard time creating equivalent exchanges in the past, as demonstrated by hundreds of youtube videos which i specifically uploaded with NO ADS, and thus, no way of making any money whatsoever through them.

Because of that, it’s been difficult. I haven’t had a means of receiving money other than donations, which came in at random times at random amounts. Some months i’d get 100$, other months i’d get $2.50. I’m not sure about you, but that kind of system just doesn’t work for me.

And that’s just me personally, but there’s something bigger going on here, and if we demonize money, we can never really explore all of the possibilities of what we can really do with it if we have it.

We’re all talking about changing the world… now just imagine what you could possibly do with a billion dollars? Just imagine that you had a billion dollars, and you were only allowed to spend it on changing the world, making the world a better place? What would you do with it?!

bowen_ellames_enviro_08Think of the possibilities. We could build a Laboratory and design a seed that grows into a giant house like Home Tree in Avatar. We could build cars that flew, we could build free energy devices, we could get the smartest people on the planet together and get everyone focused and on the same page to build something absolutely incredible.

We could build a healing facility that could treat anyone of any illness, and heal them for no cost! We just need the resources to make it happen.

When you come from that space, doesn’t it seem like money doesn’t have to be this horrible awful thing, but rather it is a tool, a representation of our time, effort, and energy that we put into things. We can take what we’ve created and put it into making even MORE amazing things!

Perhaps at the root of it, the badness behind money simply comes from ones own intentions of what they want to use it for.

free_tradeWhen we can come from a space that values the time, effort, and energy that anyone puts into what they do… then we can create that balanced equal exchange with each other, whether we have 20$, or 2 Million.

On that note, i’d just like to take a moment of gratitude for everyone who has decided to support me with their time, effort, and energy, by buying the book that I recently put out there. It means so much to me, so thank you.

Now i’d like to feature some of my favorite comments that i’ve been reading on Facebook from those conversations.