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Creating a Resonance!

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Painting by Andrew Jones!

Today, I’d like to create a resonance with you :) It seems like the perfect way to end a year <3

I’ve been doing this blog for about a month now… which means that’s 31 blogs in a row, 31 days straight i’ve been writing nonsense… and sometimes real sense too I hope, in an experiment about communication, expression, meaning, language, all of that stuff.

It’s been teaching me how to write, especially in seeing and responding to the comments.

Statistics are very interesting. I have been paying attention to the google analytics on my blog for the past few days, in order to gain a better understanding of who reads my blog. Pretty much all I can see is “what blogs did well, what blogs didn’t do well, what blogs got a lot of comments, which ones didn’t”.

Interestingly enough, the Hobbit blog got a tremendous amount of pageviews, 2900!.. and yet only 4 comments. In fact, 97% of people didn’t stay on the page for more than 10 seconds!

It seems the ones that REALLY get people talking are blogs like “How to Change the World”, that one has a whopping 100 comments! And not just whatever comments either, you guys were seriously engaged with that writing!

Isn’t that wildly interesting? I think so!

Eyes-to-see-FIND A BIG VERSIONI want to strive to understand everyone. I feel like it’s part of why I Am here, to help bridge the communication gaps between the many different positions, perspectives, problems, and persona’s out there.

Not always sure if i’m doing a good or bad job, but It is something i’m passionate about nonetheless.. You know, if we all could speak with everyone, if we could KNOW everyone, we wouldn’t have communication challenges, everyone would say what they want, and everyone else could ensure that everyone gets exactly what they want…

It sounds crazy… but I believe it’s possible to create a world like that.

And of course, I’m human too.

Google-007As i’m looking around, I’m looking at all of the different things people gravitate too. The different patterns of awareness and direction we take. Some people (more older people) gravitate to the news, Huffington Post or the like, of course there’s 4Chan, Newgrounds, Youtube… People spend hours on here every day. Many gravitate towards more pop-culture stuff like Gizmodo and Kotaku, some towards more spiritual themed stuff like Spirit Science!

That interests me a lot, it’s the age old question “Why do we do the things that we do?”

growth-treeWhen I think about answering that question… It all really boils down to… I want to grow. I want new ingredients to become better than I was before, more aware, more capable of doing things in the world, a more capable creator, more connected to everything around me. I want to face myself and challenge what I know previously to create a stronger resonance between You and I.

And so my question for you today is this… Why do you visit my blog?

What is it that draws you here?

What information do you hope to get out of it?

What would you REALLY like to see me write about? 

I’m genuinely interested, and will do my best to reply to them too.

We are One,

ps. would it be more valuable to have less posts than once per day? I realize that a lot of people don’t have the time to read blogs and give grand responses every day…

Perhaps if I adjusted the schedule, such as mondays, thursdays, and saturdays, i would have more time to write meaningful posts, rather than scrambling to write and post something that may be less meaningful every single day? Let me know your thoughts, please and THANK YOU!!! <3 :D

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89 thoughts on “Creating a Resonance!

  1. Hello my friend! When it comes to time I would probably do better if you posted 3 days a week instead of 7. That is about how often I have time to read your awesome articles. Also I prefer the ones that are up to about 2 pages long or shorter, also because of time, so I would prefer shorter 7 days a week or longer 3 days a week. haha

    What is it that draws you here? I love how your blog feels. The writing and energy behind the posts is what really helps me come back.

    What information do you hope to get out of it? Information about the shift, oneness, changes in society, news about spirit science, panic to freedom, pair-o-dime shift, new projects/ideas about changing things.

    What would you REALLY like to see me write about? I would like more information about things that you have experienced and tools for overcoming things. I liked how in the weekly call you talked about the 7 min hug. I would love for more info on things like that and more things we can do in our daily lives to increase our vibration together. Maybe also post information that you are interested in that we can share with you etc.

    Much love!

      1. Ditto times two. Btw, you already have a great following, and one thing I noticed about Tim Ferris’ blog is that he doesn’t post daily, but he hooks people with his continuous flow of practical information that people can use.

        What I mean by this is that, you have amazing practical information, and regardless if you send it daily or only a couple of times a week, we will read them and enjoy responding when we have time.

        Thank you and Namaste

  2. I Just can’t seem To Get Into Reading Someone ElseS Daily Thoughts. Mine Are Enough. I Have Mad Respect For What You Do… For What You Bring To The Table.

  3. What draws me here, is the fact we all have this connection, this burning urge inside of us to ask why? We are in this together as a human race and when your mind is open and when you are ready, you find those awnsers. When I realised the truth and now understand it, it then leads to no longer why, but what can I do to help the change.

    1. I believe one of the most important thing we can do to help the change is raise our frequencies, live in love, & control our negative emotions, we have to remember never to act on negativity because it leaves a ripple effect for everyone in the universe to feel. That is right we are one! And when one of us is happy it helps balance the rest of us!! I loved reading this comment could def feel the vibe from you just by reading it :)

  4. actually Jordan I have followed your videos and read your posts for years and absolutely love everything that you do and know that it has an amazing effect on mine and others lives that I share it with. I up til reading this post was just lack-si-dazical about posting my own thoughts. Keep up the amazing work that you do….Blessings….

  5. Hi Jordan,

    First, thank you for your time and effort. I always enjoy reading your blogs and watching your videos. They have helped me along my personal path of reaching a higher consciousness. In regards to your questions about frequency, I’ll speak from the heart rather than a marketing perspective. I would focus on writing what comes to you with the most passion and truth. In that, you will always be giving more than you have, which will leave you with all that you need. Don’t worry about how often, focus on great content every time you write and you will continue with your success. Hopefully this helps. And as you always say, We Are One.


  6. Hi Jordan, im Sara, my english is not so good but i try to read and understand the things that you wrote. From the beginning that i met your messages, i read, hear and traduce all the times that i can. I have not an assistant that help me in my search and you are one of the best help that i find!! Thanks!!

    I hope that you can answer me one question, its easy to see the truth, but is not the same to understand, to internalize, how i can do not to despair? how i can do to stop to think and enjoy appropriately?

    When i receipt a lot of new information sometimes my mind its totally block… and then i feel very lost…

    Thaaank you!!!

  7. I come here for inspiration. In the beginning I enjoyed watching the new videos come out, each week I could watch one and think about it. I enjoy this site because It allows me to give a thoughtful response, and one that will be read and thought about. It inspires me when I see the amount of heartfelt interest, and raw emotions involved in this. I come here now to think and learn in a different way. I come here because I feel connected to Jordans dream, and I wish to support it because of all the guidance I received from Jordan and Ray living their passion. I feel so excited and free, being a part of this experience. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

    In regards to the daily blog,
    I don’t mind it everyday, I actually kinda like it. :)

  8. What I like about yiur blog and on your facebook account is the idea that someone else is asking the same questions. I also like your sharing of thoughts to the world AND your changes in opinion where you do some more research. What I also like is the difference between you and others who write about such subjects. Most of the others feel to me like they aren’t questioning themselves and their own thoughts. It seems to me that I prefer to follow up your path. I had some years ago also ‘a path sharing blog’. Some liked it, some people tried to tell me what to do, others were attacking me. I like to write, but answering their answer toke to much energy. I have a fulltime job, an almost fulltime voluntary job and I like to create some art to visualise in which state or thought I’m wandering to get insight. When I’m to often at my pc, my body is in pain. When I feel this, I guess I’m not in the flow.
    I don’t read all days in your weblog, because I realise that I will sure read what is posted at the right moment to reach my eyes (and heart) All the rest is for other moments of growing awareness. I sure like it when you mention older work in your posts. I hope you’ll have enough energy to continue what you do.
    Thank you for everything you shared.

  9. Why do I visit your blog cause I saw your shows and yea I do want to grow towards a path of enlightenment and to forget all that is evil and be more aware of things not only on your guys is wave length but others too…. anyway no trying to say I have become a wizard now but you ideas and take on crystals and sacred geometry and stuff and stuff really got me thinking that there can be ghosts and spirits and that witchcraft can work to heal and other things. Its a new year and stuff and well I’m trying to find a new way of living. Though we are far away from it I want to contribute in this place and time my energy towards our children new age of enlightenment

  10. Great post Jordan!

    All I can say is that I’m completely cool with whatever format you choose to manage your blog in, whether it’s a daily post or less frequent thing. The topics you write about always seem to resonate with me a lot so and even If I don’t read them every day, I’ll always be able to go and read through old material in my own time.

    I have a question which I’d love for you to talk about, whether in your blog, spirit science or the next P2F call.

    Does the Ego play a necessary role in our lives? I ask this as I feel that the focus of many spiritual teachings and practices is the striving for the dissolution of our Ego, so that we become aware of our ‘true’ presence and the oneness which underlies everything that is.

    While I understand this, I do sometimes wonder why we exist with such an attribute if the whole point is to get rid of it? Is it also important to embrace the Ego and this physical world to some extent – i.e. Are we not supposed to play the game? Or is it ok to destroy all ties with what we learn is this ‘fake’ reality and live the rest of our lives in an oblivious but blissful existence?

    I hope that makes sense.

    Happy New Year from England!

    1. The ego is actually a part of your energy field, it is the yellow chakra. Denying your ego would be like denying your stomach. However, not allowing a stomach to leak acids onto your other organs is also important, so that’s why spiritual teachings say about dissolving the ego. It does not have to go away, in fact it MUST NOT go away. It should and must, however, be harmonious and guided by the heart. A car can not drive if it’s components eat each other. Your ego is a conglomeration of miniature egos, maybe one for each cell in your body, or atoms or whatever. You need your ego to have the illusion of difference. We are all different and the same. When duality becomes unity, opposites become equals. It is absolute. However, the ego is part of the experience. You would not go play a game and deliberately not use a feature, like the weapons or your inventory system. In other words, if you were not meant to play the game, we would not be here on earth, we would be in some other dimension, doing some celestial activity. And we probably would never have met. And we would not have language… or computers, or anything resembling a body, really. Or maybe not, maybe atoms look like people up close and if you look at me from a higher scale I also look like a ball of light in some dimension, from some perspective.

      We play the game, but we must know why we are doing it. The reasons may sound different, but usually they are the same, since they all sprout from a common desire, that transcends the ego, because it exists long before the ego and actually forges the ego for it’s use. That kind of desire is what drives everyone, whether they know it or not. The math behind a human is simple, yet it yields so many varied results. Fascinating species indeed!

  11. Hi Jordan, i love your spirit science series. amazing work!
    First day of the month, Monday and Friday would be great.

    Happy new year from Philippines ~

  12. Personally I read your blogs because I’m an avid follower of all you do with Spirit Science. From the beginning, when I first found you I knew that we resonated with the same intentions. That was an amazing gift that I could find after travelling the vast arrays of confusion that is the Interweb.
    When I saw that you got it then I knew that I got it. Forgive me for the cliche, but it was a beautiful reflection of what I had been understanding over the course of many years. You were a shining light when I needed it most and it gave me more and more encouragement to keep moving. Each lesson that you made a video on was that much further into the mystery that I myself was gifted to discover.

    So I follow you because I know that some day we will be working together to build this world that our heart has shown us. The one where we know that we’ve been working on it the entire time without us knowing we both were working on it. I know that anything is possible and that is something that is hard for many to believe, but the reflection that you represent is a representation of the truth itself. Everything you have created from it is nothing less than a testament of it.

    I’m not sure you will read this message, but I do know that the resonance alone will bring such evidence. And those who look at the lines themselves will see nothing more then that. Between the lines is where the truth finds us. Another example of our vast inner selves.

    God bless, light and love, and Happy New Year!

  13. Jordan, thanks for being here and open to all of us. I’ve been enjoying Spirit Science for a little over a year now. I find my self coming to you for exciting lessons in geometry and for insights into greater paradigms! What keeps me visiting though is your gentle being. I resonate with your energy and admire your true strength! My ego loves all the math but my Spirit enjoys your company and the community you’ve planted!

    Share and write about your truths! What ever resonates with you. What ever and where ever your heart takes you.

    in light

  14. I am here because like attracts like Jordan. It is amazing to see how similar you are to me and yet how different we are. There’s a guy you may know, Bashar, who talked about this…

    My real purpose, though, if I had to describe it, would be like the ancient Greek fella Diogenes, a guy who would walk around with a lantern and when people would ask him what he is doing he would say: I am looking for humans. I am trying to find new links to the reality I want to shift to. As events progress to a certain, so to say, event horizon, I believe we must begin to form collectives like never before. Being that we are closely connected through the mind of our species, then planet, then solar system, then galaxy etc it means we can create whatever reality we wish. I believe that after a certain critical mass of humans have gone beyond the normal level and into one that is closer or equal to that which they call “Christ consciousness” then the rest will have much more ease dealing with their “dark world” and thus will be able to metaphorically rise as well. Maybe they will live a reality like the one in 1984 and Brave New World books and then will experience a shift from clone robot like human to Christ consciousness. Holy shit man, the concepts you looked into and presented explained so much to me, I finally understood how reality unfolds and saw that which I had been missing. The turning point was when I took LSD (and had a great time! sorry! as Bill Hicks would say) and after a strong experience which revealed to me what exactly is wrong with me at the moment I watched some videos of fractals. Basically, in my LSD induced sate I understood reality and how the holographic universe is created. Blew my mind. So after that little trip I began seeing things differently, something that happens to me always after an acid trip, that is why I keep them rare and have them only when I feel the turning point in my life has come. A lot of my anger and hate has left me, I began exercising and eating as healthy as I can. I see now that there is always the way to the light and life is nothing if not resilient. It can take a beating, that’s for sure! How great to remember, how majestically illusory this dream we call life is and just how elaborately can our minds be misinterpreted… We really need to dive into researching just how our minds work, something I believe many of our researches know, yet keep from the public, for obvious reasons. I have access to my own knowledge of it and I expand it daily, yet I can not explain it just yet, it exists purely as concepts and holographic imagery in my mind and is integrated into my thinking process, but I can’t access it to express it. maybe it is a work in progress idea or something, simply not ready to be perceived and expressed just yet. Things really do manifest slowly here, i suppose.

    Anyway, if I needed to shift into any reality, I would go for the one in which we are all in a collective lucid dream and death is impossible. We can shape shift into anything we want and change the world around us through thought. We can be in a 2d like world, as in anime, or we can be in a video game like world. I can have these powers, you can dress like this or that, we can fight as long as we want, just for fun, since death would be impossible and we would just de-manifest when we wished. It would be a matrix-like playground for those who love the physical world, yet want to have a less limited experience. It would be great for healing spirits that have lived really long and repressed life cycles on earth. Maybe we get access to myriads of parallel earths and we just went through the experiment again, but with full knowledge of our mission. I mean the ways this can unfold are limitless! We really need to come together for the sake of our species. Leadership is not something I am fond of, however I do see the hidden value and the schematic for a system that works. I don’t believe that creation would ever be wasteful and throw away things anyway…

    Anyway, a happy 2014 to you, may we meet in less than 5 years :)

    Such freedom is not only our right, but I would say it is our damn duty!

  15. Without being to boring I want to encourage you with a little history of me. In September 2011 my life as I knew it ended. Everything that was, ceased to be. Family, social status, friends, possessions, all gone because of my actions and the reaction it caused in my chosen mate. I was faced with a decision: bitterness and blame or acceptance, reflection, and love.

    For some reason I chose to look inside and see how my actions and attitudes had caused my situation instead of placing the blame on the outside world (even thought there were some pretty good targets). This single choice began my spiritual awakening. The choice to love when I had every reason to hate (and everyone around me was telling me to) did something inside of me that I cannot explain. A great light shined on all the dark places in my life and the exposure began the process of allowing me to say “yes” to the universe. It has forever changed me.

    Fast forward to this last summer when I met a young man named Jordan through his Spirit Science videos. My first response was “what can I learn from this kid who must be half my age?” That was Ego. I pretty quickly shut him up and started devouring the information you presented and dug deeper into the topics that struck a chord (resonated) with me. It was the next step in my journey and when I was ready, there you were. I guess that this is the point I really want to make. In my experience, resonance is not something that you have to create. It just happens when we follow that inner guide no matter what the outer world is saying. I know you understand this but I just wanted to encourage you that you are reaching many lives with your message.

    Keep it up and know that even though we may never meet, I consider you my brother. Truly we are one.

    Rob Howard

    P.S. If you haven’t heard of him, Steven Pressfield has what I would consider to be a very powerful blog that you might learn from.

  16. Hello, Jordan! I’m a big fan of your work and I just want to say that you are awesomatic!

    Just one thing, when are you guys gonna take preorders for spirit shirts again?! i would love to have all seven if i can afford it lol but I’d definitely buy the heart chakra shirt. So please get back to me on that.

    I have so much to say to you but i’d rather keep it to myself until i have your full attention one day. One day i do hope that we can meet and you can give me some advice on meditation and sticking through it. I also read a few books by Drunvalo! Hes also awesome. I read “the serpent of light” and “the flower of life” Volumes 1&2

  17. What is it that draws you here?

    I’ve always supported you and found this to be a way to get to know a side of you that I hadn’t before, cause we haven’t skyped in so long! You’ve always inspired me to keep moving and working on my own projects

    What information do you hope to get out of it?

    Everything Kirsten said! The Shift, Spirit Science updates, etc

    What would you REALLY like to see me write about?

    Your personal explorations with meditation as well as various spiritual experiences and synchronicities you encounter

    Hope we get to work together again one day my friend!

  18. Happy New Year Jordan, and Spirit Science crew!

    Why do you visit my blog?
    I like you, I think you are a good person, honest, and have interesting things to say.

    What is it that draws you here?
    I want to see where you take your knowledge from here.

    What information do you hope to get out of it?
    If it was useful information and helped you grow, it may help me grow as well (I know the video series did.) Plus, knowing that I can write a comment, and you’ll see it, is very meaningful. I’m not just a pair of eyes in 3,000,000 pageviews.

    What would you REALLY like to see me write about?
    I’d like to see two things. One, anything you learn- from books, people, life experience, that helped you or was even a failed experiment, I’d like to hear your thoughts! The other is to start a project, something you want to see improve the world, then follow the progress on this blog. It’s of course up to you, but I think something that others could be inspired by and copy would be wonderful. Something that brings something new into the picture, something positive that does not negatively affect the lives of another- even if we don’t agree with their practice. We’re all wanting to help improve our corner of the world.

  19. I would love for you to do a blog on the ego, as in maybe something a little more personal say if you’ve had anxiety in the past about getting to where you are now, cause believe me, it’s awesome to see your journey, but maybe somethings not so inspirational were left out? Do you still expeirence the same kind of moods you had when growing up, had you any bad tempers, are you a different person now? More so are you free(er)? I would love to kinda get to see the dark, grim side of your story and how to this day (if you do) tackle your demons e.g. stay away from hate on the internet, do you sit and meditate with it, have you something that helps boost your confidence, i would love to know! You seem to have a funnel of inspiration that would be appreciated if shared.

  20. I come here for explanations to things I half-understand. I come for clarity to complicated problems that are weighing me down, to gain further understanding from a different perspective that really resonates and strikes with me. I am simply drawn to it.
    Whether you post ten times a week or once, I do not mind. if you need to post , you need to post – get it on there!

  21. Hi Jordan, I came to your blog because of Spirit Science, I guess most people who follow you is because of this work. Me and lots more people would love to see – read more Spirit Science, i.e. break the chapters down on some of your blogs would be a great thing. I also think your work will be more valuable if you do less posts.
    In the end, your gut feeling will guide you rather than trying to listen to everyone’s opinion on what you should do and how. You are doing an amazing job! So is Teal Scott! You guided me to her some time ago. Big Thank you!
    I wish you a great start of a new year!

    1. If you’d like to see more written work about spirit science, go on the spirit science website and subscribe to the spirit science toolbox. It sends you a breakdown of each chapter once a week, it’s amazing.

  22. What’s up my dude, I can see your writing getting better with each post. What draws me to your blogs is that I know your a wise dude and I’ve been a long time fan. Your profession is, from what I understand, understanding spirituality and teaching it to others, which I respect a great deal. As for me mine is advertising, and communication, so I and I imagine other are not as dedicated to the spiritual lifestyle. It’s good for me to go to someone I trust to convey their perspective about the way things work in life to get a better understanding. I think others can relate if you wish to learn something, go to the experts, it’s simple as that. One can speculate who’s an expert and who’s not or whether to believe something but that’s when I trust my intuition and ask myself if the information resonates with me or not…but I digress..anyways cranking out a blog a day for 31 days is quite impressive man. I think your right with cutting it down to around 3 a week. You have more days to edit and really think on what information you want people to learn.

    p.s. I’m assuming your looking for more hits on your blog…my advice would be to use the power of social media…Every outlet no matter if you have time for it or not. You can help the mass amount of zombie peeps who are on their phones most of the day help experience some real world knowledge. 2014 LETS GET AFTER IT!

  23. Hey Jordan,
    I realize you are probably going to be overwhelmed with comments, but I’d like to make my comment quick to help you out and hopefully you read it. The amount of times you post your blog should be entirely up to you, whatever you feel comfortable doing and make sure you actually want to write about something, because when you aren’t inspired… nobody will be. Also as far as things go for what I would like to see more of. I would really enjoy seeing you getting involved more with others. Taking the ideas people give you and responding to them and cooperating to make something bigger than just one persons ideas would be amazing! You took my comment and made a post about it and it was one of my favorite posts of all on your blog. Nothing expresses how powerful we can be as a whole other than cooperating with others. I hope you like my idea. You have my love.

    1. Hey Zach! I agree whole-heartedly. That’s what the intention with Panic to Freedom and Spirit Kingdom is truly, connecting with others who will help create a container for powerful growth and transformation, and in that, new projects and creations.

      It’s something I believe in a lot. I love that you’re telling me the same thing, you really have some great things to say.

      1. Thanks Jordan! I will try my hardest to keep up with you. I have a lot going on but I want to make sure I can help whenever possible. Expect some very thought out complex comments in the near future! :)

  24. Hi Jordan,

    I am a new reader of your blog and I do enjoy what you have to say though you are right I don’t have the time to read every post you’ve got. Perhaps less is more? That way you can take the time to truly construct more in depth and meaningful blogs rather than scratch the surface of topics that really need quite a bit of discussion. I am interested in blogs on how to change the world and what we can do individually and collectively to make it happen. I am on board and am interested in what you’ve got to say and what direction spirit science and spirit kingdom are going to take.

    Thank you kindly,

  25. This is actually the first post I’ve read on your blog!
    I like the idea of reading a new blog post every morning.
    One thing that I thought I should mention, is that I’m not sure that post frequency will have much to do with how meaningful it is, but that’s just how I work, perhaps it’s different for you.
    I look forward to more posts, no matter how frequent they are!

    Anyway, namaste and have a nice day! (Hey, that sort of rhymed!)

  26. Happy New Year (Almost)!!

    I just want to say THANK YOU!!! And send you much gratitude. I just came upon your YouTube Spirit Science series and then found your site and your blog. I love the videos you have put together and this community you have drawn together. I have been accelerating quickly on my spiritual growth this past year (after many years as a Chemist, Biomedical Scientist). I left my job, turned to healing energy work, became a Reiki master and channeler all in the matter of about a year. All this stuff is still new to me and every now and then my old patterns and fears and doubts pop up….like “am I crazy??? or are we really shifting to a new vibrational level (as I know when I really go within)?” Anyway, your videos have been a great validation for me. They make so much sense and I love how you are attempting to bridge that gap between the skeptics (“hard scientists”) and the true believers (Spiritual gurus). I love the material and the simplicity of it all. YOU ARE AWESOME!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! As far as what you should do with the blog….do what you know your truth is. Do you want to post everyday?? Then do it. Do you only want to post 3 times a week?? Then do it. Do you want to take a week off to be alone and hike in the mountains? Then do it! You will have supporters no matter what. You are sharing what the World needs to hear. THANK YOU!! Much LOVE, LIGHT and GRATITUDE!! Happy New Year! – Melanie

  27. Hi Jordan
    I love your spirit science animations videos, but I´m not a reader of your blog because Im not an english speaker. But could be nice to read it maybe once a week for me.
    Thanks for the work realized, and receive my best wishes to continue growing and a big huge from Peru!!

  28. I love what your doing!!! Spirit Science and South Park are my two favorite animated things ever (strange combo right lol). I’m ready for the wave of content coming our way in whatever form & frequency. Love & Hugs Brother!!!

  29. Hello, Jordan. I actually read this post earlier in the morning, and set out to write a response. However, after two tries, each a long, engrossing paragraph, I decided to take a break. The replies both felt forced and not very well thought-out, as the questions really did make me ponder. Your website is my first go-to spot for info and discussions about spirit, and your blog is a perfect spot to actually ask the more heartfelt and personal questions regarding it. I remember trying to write a whole life story in response the first few times, but I’m just going to keep it simple here. What draws me here is your understanding of other people and yourself, your ability to ask questions not often asked, and your connectedness with your audience. I want to see you talk about anything you feel is relevant for discussion, and for you to post to fit your schedule, not mine. ( I have too much free time:) )

  30. Well hi, I feel sheepish right now haha. I am not use to expressing my ideas and opinions to a group or community other than my close people in my life. Well umm, I will go and say this, I am glad by this post, it makes me feel there is a connection goin on, like you and others are now being how you would say “seeded” with the feeling and desire to connect and speak to each other about what they are thinking and feeling and nt just stating that they have thought or felt something about a post or idea. Now other are here talking to each other in a way where they will share their revelations if you would say, instead of stating that they had one. So it delights me, well I am now feeling able to say what I am intending to get out of coming here and really anywhere. I well, just feel that need to know, know these other worlds, these other environments of feeling, just seeing you all here and knowing how you present yourselves and express yourselves and believe and agree with what you agree, it makes me know you all actually exist, that you are there, there is others, and by that I mean some other life, other worlds of different THINGS!!!!! Just difference ways of going that have their own mentality and way of being, it makes me feel free to know you exist here, that all you are in life with your own selves, that variety of ways and people help me know I have choices, places and ones to meet. I am still working on myself and I feel the need to have extravagance, I mean I need to have well just the excitement of your various selves, you various people, if I can just connect and come into a deep collection of connection from any of you, become a small piece of your lives or just your understanding what you agree exists, I will be able to have another ingredient of something else that I am gladly and willingly able to connect with, only if you want to of course. I have so much going on in my head, so many scenes and ideas of what could be here by my hands and anothers, I just need to atleast find one, so I come to either fill the void of experiencing some other person or I come to attempt to understand you all and your different lives and realities so I can feel a knowing you all are there, still and existence of variety that I can associate with my life. I really come to just feel that you are there, and so I can just fill myself, fill with you all and your ideas, you ones that exists in my life. It is soo fun for that you know? Just to feel that, that THESE people, THESE ones are in MY life somewhere, there in the same existence as mine, just waiting for other connections, and I could possibly be one of those others. Just coming in and meeting them, I will always be somewhere where there are others, that makes me feel abundant, when I am around so many others, different lives, different place and worlds, with so much story and understanding truths. so for the reason why I come, I will come just because there is something there, there is a world to connect and possibly (also aswell hopefully X-D) be able to share with other ones I know and also integrate myself in this world or integrate it into mine. So yeah, well that is it, I feel even more sheepish now, I am listening to soundtracks from a great movie known as The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty and it makes me imagine so many things as I wonder how you all and others will feel and be when you read me, hah, I am like acting a sort of majestic scene in a movie hopeing some big great thing will happen, ohh, I am soo weird man and silly, well aside from the great dreams and imaginings I am having, you sir’s and maam’s have a great good one, a great good time that is on your celebrations of whatever, and all. Thanks for reading and all, yeah. see

  31. Jordan,
    Namaste. I love your words and seek them. I believe, as you do that connecting with one another is fundamental.
    Please write what comes to you and pass on messages meant to be shared

    What you do is of immense value. I bow to the divinity within you.

  32. (I am so sorry that my last comment was unclear and all, I couldn’t edit it but I copy and pasted it and made a new one of it.) Well hi, I feel sheepish right now haha. I am not use to expressing my ideas and opinions to a group or community other than my close people in my life. Well umm, I will go and say this, I am glad by this post, it makes me feel there is a connection goin on, like you and others are now being how you would say “seeded” with the feeling and desire to connect and speak to each other about what they are thinking and feeling and not just stating that they have thought or felt something about a post or idea. Now there are others here talking to each other in a way where they will share their revelations if you would say, instead of just stating that they had one. So it delights me very very much. Haha, yeah. Well I am now feeling able to say the answer of exactly what I am intending to get out of coming here to this blog and really anywhere else. I well, just feel that need to know, know these other worlds, these other environments of feeling. Just seeing you all here and knowing how you all uniquely present yourselves and express yourselves and believe and agree with whatever it is you agree with, it makes me know you all actually exist, that you are there, all you DIFFERENT people. There is others, and by that I mean some other life, other worlds of different THINGS, things that are new, something new to be discovered!!!!! Just difference ways of going about that have their own mentality to them and their way of being. It makes me feel free to know you exist here, that all you are in the same life with your own selves, that variety of ways of going and variety of people help me know and realize that I have choices, different places to go that are with those different people and just different ones to meet. I am still working on myself and I feel the need to have extravagance with my life, by that I mean I need to have, well, just the excitement that is of your various selves, the different excitements that come from you various people. If I can just connect and come into a deep collection of connections from any of you all, just me able to become a small piece of your lives or just be a part of the things that exist in your understanding of what you agree exists in life currently. With all that connection I will be able to have another ingredient of something else, one that I am gladly and willingly able to connect with, only if you want to of course. With that I will be able to create what I need to create, you see. I have so much going on in my head, so many scenes and ideas of what could be here in life that would be made by my hands and another’s, I just need to atleast find one person, so I can come together and either fill the void I have of my desire to be experiencing some other person in my life or so I can come to attempt to understand you all and your different lives and realities so I can feel that knowing of you all actually are there, in existence. Just still, and waiting for me to engage in that world that is waiting for me to pay attention to it. All of that would be great, I mean just the existence of the variety of life that I can associate with my life. I am able to really come to just feel that you are actually there, this alternative exists. Realizing that I am able to just fill myself, fill with the energy of you all and your ideas, all of you that also exist in my life. It is soo fun for that you know? Just to feel that, that THESE people, THESE ones are in MY life somewhere, there in the same existence as mine, just waiting for other connections, and I could possibly be one of those other connections. That is why I am here, just to be coming in and meeting them all, the different people and lives I don’t know as yet. That is me, I will always be just somewhere where there are others (or atleast try to). That is what makes me feel abundant, when I am around so many others, different lives, different places that are others homes and communities and worlds, with so much stories to them and many different understanding truths. So for the reason why I come, I will come just because there is something there, there is a world to connect and possibly (also aswell hopefully X-D) will be able to share with those other ones, those other lives and also integrate myself in their world or integrate theirs into mine (if they want to ofcourse ;-)). So yeah, well that is it, I feel even more sheepish now, haha. I am listening to soundtracks from a great movie known as The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty and it makes me imagine so many things as I am starting to wonder how you all and others will feel and be reacting when you read my message, hah. I am acting like I am in a sort of majestic scene, like in a movie. With that feeling I am hopeing some big great thing will happen, ohh, I am soo weird and silly, well aside from the great dreams and imaginings I am having, you sir’s and maam’s have a great good one, a great good time that is on your celebrations of whatever, and all. Thanks for reading and all, yeah. see

  33. Hi there Jordan!

    This will be really quick and short, I need to be off to work soon. Firstly I want to thank you! You brought a tremendous change in my life and what you do is really inspiring! It helped me grow a lot in understanding and feeling and loving!

    Why we do the things we do, you ask. Well, I believe we do things because we consider them to be good. Even if we hurt someone in doing so, we never do them for that purpose only. No human being is ever born evil or has ever done something bad just for the sake of it. Dose that make any sense (I don’t feel particularly coherent this morning)? Anyway, this is how I see things.

    Why I read your blog? Kind of for the same reason you write it. To grow, to understand, to learn more. I think you do us all a favor in taking the time to think things through the way you do. You give us some answers we were all searching for, answers that we have within us, but never really had the time to elaborate. Yeah, that’s exactly what you do. You put things that we feel and think into words!

    I hope my honest answer will help.

    Namaste and a Happy New Year!


    P.S. if you’ll ever have time to visit Romania, I hope to meet you!

  34. Mornin’ Jordan

    The information I hope to get out of reading your words is the same you hope to get from reading mine. A greater understanding of the universe we are all a part of.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on getting involved. I watched the most recent community chat live. Found my heart smiling the whole time, thank you for that by the way. I’ve never felt alone in fearing rejection but I think that is what holds a lot of people from voicing their opinions. The more people get involved the more we can get together.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    P.S Next time you’re out at the Pyramid Center, tell Joe Eddie, Travis and Matt said hi. We had the pleasure of making a trip out there and to Sedona for 11/11/11.

  35. Hi Jordan I have followed you because when I found you at first on Youtube it was like to me a resonance was there already because you expressed the things going on within myself. As I continue to study and to emanate love and light through the everyday struggle i will keep you in my thoughts. We are all one and we need to know one another and emanate light and love.We start by changing within then we can join consciously and change with even more power and hopefully as much of the world as possible. There is so much to be done. Namaste

  36. Brother, I have been a following your work with great interest over the last 2 years, especially with Spirit Science. Huge compliments for that series!

    I think you should definitely write less and live a bit more. I can understand, how tempting it may seem to indulge in all the traffic and analyzing all the statistics, but if you want to transcend the mystery of your own communication level, you will have to communicate more in real time. I don’t mean any of this negative, but you asked and I think your blogs are missing depth.

    I am sure you will be guided by your own awesomeness, because you are a great guy. Just don’t loose yourself. Quality, not quantity.

    All the love for 2013.

  37. Hi Jordan,

    – What is it that draws you here?
    Well, I`ve seen several Spirit Science video`s lately, and I like them, and from time to time I go to the Spirit Science facebook page, and that is now, how I ended up here.

    - What information do you hope to get out of it?
    Insights, inspiration, nice new perspectives, additional pieces of the puzzle I don`t yet see.

    - What would you REALLY like to see me write about?
    About YOUR passion, about what makes you happy, excited, more alive – whatever then the subject may be.

    - would it be more valuable to have less posts than once per day?
    Well, I think that`s completely up to you and your desires and goals with your blog, no? Personally, as a reader, would be more interested in one very awesome wonderful super quality blog post once a week, instead of surfing through a bunch of daily blog posts to find something that really appeals to me.

    Hope my answers are, in some way or another, meaningful to you.


    ps: And about “creating a resonance”, two years ago I released my first solo piano album “Into resonance”, feel free to give it a listen, and if you like the music – as background for example to write inspiring blog posts :-) I`ll send you a hardcopy of the CD, as my personal way to say thanks to Spirit Science, and as a motivator to keep up the good work! https://soundcloud.com/stevenvrancken/sets/into-resonance-full-cd

  38. It’s interesting your taking statistics into account because I have been pondering this term for the past few days. This is the first time reading your blog yet I read and pretty much comment on your daily posts every day. I actually think the fact that you took the time to write every day is almost a work out/ positive challenge for you and as long as you have an audience I wouldn’t stress over doing something different. When taking statistics into account you have to realize that there are certain factors that would effect the statistics of people reading staying and commenting on your bo

  39. *Blog. Some factors may include the energy of the day, how busy people are or how difficult it is to leave a comment. Most people from my understanding are selfish and do not want to take extra steps( such as inputting in a personal email) to comment or post about something. Especially in America we are living in a convenient time where everything is right at our finger tips. I would continue to do what you feel is right in sharing your knowledge and light with us! Take care!

  40. Jordan you are pure awesomness! I come to read your words because I resonate with them so much. Everything happens on purpose. Everrryone that is meant to get something out of your posts will get exactly what they need :) that i itself is beautiful. I just wanted to say keep up the great work, and in my opinion, write whenever u want to :) also wanted to say thank you ^_^ namaste

  41. First of all: Happy New Year, Jordan! :)
    My wish to everyone this year (and hopefully every year since) is to advance and progress in the area of life they hold most dearly in their heart (or how you perfectly said: to GROW) even more this year, in every possible way. :)

    About the blog… Yeah, 3 days a week would be great. :)

    Why do I read this blog? Most of all, I’d like to know the brain and the heart behind Spirit Science a bit better. I’ve been a HUGE fan of a big majority of your work for almost a year and a half now, and I love it! I like to be updated on your lessons and your work, and this blog really completes that portion of what you’re trying to portray through Spirit Science, PTF, Pair O’ Dime Shift (I like Ray’s work a lot as well!), etc.
    I have Spirit Science to thank for so much in the past period of my life, for it has initiated and boosted my interest in spirituality, and has paved the way for that kind of mentality inside of me… It still does, to an extent.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, Jordan, and many other wonderful people who have helped you realize the brilliant shows and lessons that you share with us for free with one goal in mind: to share loving energy and help others grow.
    You are doing a great job, and I salute you!
    … Oh, and thank you for showing me and others that there’s still a big bunch of optimism in a grey world we see each day around us… That might be one of the most important things you do! :)
    Much love! <3

  42. Happy new year Jordan. I have been following you since spirit science series as well Teal ,I love the information resonates with me, I admire your work, the information you share with us, it help me to grow to be a better person,control my ego. And to tell you the true I am getting better. Thank you

  43. Hey Jordan! Happy New Year and thank you for your time and efforts in all of your projects that serve to unify like minds across humanity! I visit your blog and follow spirit science because I find your message to be truly inspiring! For all this I am grateful and inspired to share the message of creating a peaceful, hope-filled tomorrow amongst all living members of the human/earthly family.

  44. Jordan,
    I don’t always have time for everything you drop, but I love it none-the-less. I like to keep an eye out for posts about spirituality, overcoming obstacles and barriers and current world events. My main goal is figuring out how to make the world a better place. I am always looking to give back. I used to aimlessly give and get shafted a lot. I’m at a point now where I’m looking to build myself up through positive reinforcement, mind-hacking, and common physical practice. Through this self-cultivation I’m looking for a way to improve everything I come in contact with. I feel like if we all learn how to do this together life can be more about sharing and making things awesome… Rather than sucking the life out of everything we touch and leaving it to the next poor schmuck.

    Furthermore, grounding ideas and making them as real as I can has helped me progress a lot. I’ve always loved the information and experiences you’ve shared because of that. You have a way of keeping things within a simple and understandable grasp. That’s not always easy and I commend you for that. You’ve brought a lot of concepts I’d thought about together (such as spirit and science). I love you man and I appreciate everything you’ve done and given to the people, it’s very inspiring. I just wanted to thank you again man, your like a new age techno-saint haha.

    Love, light and peace yo,

  45. Loved the honesty of your curiosity of what others expect. I personally love how, in that glorious oneness, your writing is a reflection of what I may be feeling or experiencing.
    I do agree with a lot of the comments others have posted here and just say do what you feel is best. Just let it flow.

  46. hi Jordan :)
    > Why following ur blog, SS ?
    i like the way you see, understand and reflect your mind :)
    the words like ‘We are one, All of my love, the universal attitude with love, these things help us to grow as a better human :)

    > What i like to see ?
    the blog like “how to change the world” has more meaning. the blog like “the hobbit” has comparatively less meaning but more refreshing. all combinations are needed :) i like all kind of blogs of yours :)

    When i read ‘new blog everyday’, i was like, Everyday ?!
    Congrats for bringing it thru out Dec. its indeed a big deal.
    Blogs on odd days sounds good. Just go with your pace.
    Learn Meditate Reflect :D

    hi5 ^__^v

  47. hi jordan! I say you post blogs whenever you want and however often you want I wouldn’t worry about that part to much considering you can always go back and read other blogs later on. anyway I think your doing a remarkable job keep up! :)

    so what brings me to your blog is my want to learn. It’s exactly what you said. I want to grow challenge my brain, see what other people have to teach me, I love it! also considering my interest in spiritual growth I became a vibrational match to the blog I assume and I stumbled across it!

    I think you should just keep writing about what you want. I understand you may run out of ideas so if that’s the case. Well maybe just go back and look over previous comments of your old blogs and get ideas on what other may want to hear about, depending on what they seem to understand/ not understand in the comments.

  48. Hi mate, as you can see it’s January 2nd and I’m reading a post from last year ( :P ). As Zach said you should write and post when you feel like doing it, I guess you write all the time and just post once a day. In my case I don’t always read your posts everyday, I wouldn’t say because I can’t, well actually it is because I can’t but not in a way that I can’t because I have other things to do, sometimes I just don’t feel like doing it and then I read 5 post in a row. I’ve been following you since I first heard you (in a spirit science video) and will keep on doing it :D

    With love
    Fede :)

  49. Het, i read this to learn myself how to understand the world and how to connect correctly with my environment. I’m also trying to grow as a person by learning how to love myself and be a good companion for myself. I wonder if you could write something about that.

  50. It would be helpful to understand practical life patterns of being human.
    We have families, eat food, need clean water. Sometimes, living in the spiritual realm gets very separate from the material realm of most other humans.

    Or stuff like, What do you think about orgonite? Do you want to have kids? Is there an honorable way to make money?

    I only read the blog occasionally. I like to follow twitter. Post more mantras.

  51. Hey! I’d like to hear about drugs, how do they influence our energies (both synthetic and natural drugs). I have searched a lot about that and found very little… And right now this is the main doubt I have in my head haha!
    Lots of hugs!

    1. Taila, I’m wondering what kind of drugs you are talking about and the type of person who is using them. Like what is their purpose. Because doubt and belief play a big part in the world of drugs, from what I’ve gathered. Obviously, look at how great the placebo effect is. So how do our energies affect the drugs effects? Also a valid question.

  52. I am here because of the rest of the tribes that I follow/are a member of, I think that this one is the ONE with more possibilities to make the world a better place.

    By Tribes, I mean in the way of the Seth Godin meant on his book “tribes”


  53. Hello Jordan,
    I enjoy reading your blogs. I think I like the fresh new ideas, different perspective and it’s just fun reading… However, I would definitely appreciate different schedule – I’m not able to read blog post every day so I end up reading them in bursts every once in a while.
    As you can see, I am currently a few days behind :)


  54. For a long time I lost the ability to communicate… i remember being a little girl and feeling like the world was this wondrous place and somewhere along the way to adulthood i lost that feeling. A few years back i got in a car wreck and i underwent a transformation that i cannot exactly explain. All i know is after that, i felt totally connected to everything around me. All my fears were gone, and i was able to feel love for everyone and everything and the world was a wondrous place once more. I guess i am alway trying to help others see that. I have a co-worker who has been struggling mentally, I snag lots of your quotes and everyday i type one out and leave it on his desk. He might have thought i was a kook at first…. but the other day he said, “i just love all my quotes” he has a big stack now … if we could all just do even small things to help people feel better i think it would improve the state of the world.

  55. It’s weird. I read your engagement article yesterday and I had to search in my history to find it. I wanted to use it in reference to my first attempt at writing an article (about Self-Motivation or just motivation in general). I didn’t realize you were the Spirit Science guy. In a way that’s great, but in a way I was hoping to come across someone with much less attention coming at them. But that’s okay – I like the output you’ve been sharing either way… Maybe I am mistaken in thinking that once someone passes a certain threshold they don’t have time to fully engage with other people in a back and forth type way, only to spout out things. Inevitably we still interact. Let me know if anyone has any success stories about finding and working with a sort of motivating-switch relationship. If our motivation is the fuel to our goals, I’m a little lost in finding the gas station. ;) Have a good one!

    1. You’re absolutely right Krystal, it’s been a long time since i’ve been able to engage with EVERYONE who is connected with me, posts on my blogs, comments on a video… It’s a little unsettling, in a way I miss those days when I could fully engage with everyone..

      Simultaneously, back then I wasn’t able to as fully engage as I can now.. So today i have the ability and experience to do that, but no time to actually make it happen :P There’s too many people in the world, lol!

  56. Hi Jordan,
    I recently gained an amazing gift. The path of enlightenment was a rough ride, but I made it!! It finally went CLICK!
    Lately, I can view the universe from a different perspective, almost like turning on a flashlight in the dark. There are so many gaps to fill, and so much information to be rediscovered. You have been extremely helpful in filling in some of those gaps.
    To answer your questions-
    -What brought me here? I came here (from youtube and twitter) because I want to absorb knowledge and bridge gaps.
    -What do I want to see you write about? Just keep diving in! Not everyone will get it, but the ones that do get it, are very grateful.
    Thank you!

  57. Jordan please – write less, more meaningful and don’t stick to solid schedule – keep posts with your own frequency : )

  58. Hello, Jordan

    I have been meaning to begin responding to your blog posts ever since I read “The Time for Separate Movements Has Passed.” I see my own musings in so much of what you write that I can no longer let it go unnoticed. Jordan, you truly are another me, and I look forward to meeting you one day and shaking your hand. It is with the goal of one day working together with you an many others to bring something truly amazing to fruition that I begin my correspondence with you. The spirit in me recognizes the spirit in you.

    Why do I visit your blog?

    I have been an avid fan, and promoter of the spirit science videos since I first discovered them a little over 2 years ago. I visit your blog because it is one step closer to you. The spirit science videos, and associated resources have been monumental in my growth as an individual. As I was embracing the 2012 shift I found myself reaching out in every direction looking for “the others” as Tomothy Leary said. I visit your blog because while spirit science is wonderful in a general sense, your blog strikes me as a somewhat more personal setting. I feel like a comment under a spirit science video is open to a greater degree of public scrutiny, and subsequently, disagreement. Your blog, however, strikes me as an increasingly supportive environment. I am comfortable posting here because I believe the people who take the time to read what you write also share an interest in the same topics and are more likely to respond with supportive comments. In short, this is looking like a more focused and welcoming community than the broader audience of YouTube viewers. I visit your blog because what interests you also interests me, and a growing number of other beautiful, passionate people. I visit your blog because I hope to initiate a dialogue with you, and possibly find my place in the greater order of things.

    What is it that draws me here?

    As I mentioned before, YOU, the author, draw me here with your ideas. The community of followers draws me here with their passion and supportive nature. There is something else that draws me here. A yearning for purpose, an inkling of synchronicities and coincidences, and a greater sense of Destiny. Your ideas resonate with me, and it is with great pleasure that I amplify, and rebroadcast these ideas outward to those around me.

    What information do I hope to get out of it?

    I hope to get information about what I can do to make a difference. Everyone I meet I ask the same question to… “What do we do?”

    2 sides of one coin politics, corporation controlled mass media, mass produced toxic foods, world hunger, pollution, military-industrial complex, outdated education system, the list of challenges we face goes on.

    And everyone I ask seems to fall onto a few catagories. There are those who just want to get out of the US, and those who are ready to stay and fight if it comes to that.

    I am looking for another solution. Buckminster Fuller has been a great inspiration to me and one of his quotes demonstrates what I hope to be a part of quite nicely here. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    I hope to get information on how to build a new model for reality. I m ow it must start from within, but I also believe that it MUST spread without as well.

    What would you REALLY like to see me write about?

    I would like to see you continue to write about what you’re doing to foster change from within. I would also like to see more calls to action. You have an enormous untapped potential in us, your audience. Cognitive surplus is an amazing thing (check out Clay Shirkey’s TED Talks), and I think we’re all looking or ways we can help out.

    I know you’re working on something big… Something that has the potential to provide people with a way to get involved. What it is, I’m still not entirely sure, but I have my intuitions ;) I would like to see you write about this idea more. I would like to be a part of that discussion.

    Most importantly, WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING. Actually, we need to do lots of things. But what can we actually do? Reading your blog is great, and sharing ideas with your followers is awesome, but I believe it’s time for us to “walk the walk,” and show others how to “walk this way.”

    This first response if mine has been quite a cathartic experience for me. I look forward to catching up with your blog and responding to the rest of your posts, and I am especially excited to hear back from you when the time is right.


  59. Jordan- I was getting my daily dose of SS videos tonight when I came across Josh Reeves reading the Emerald Tablets on http://www.THEGLOBALREALITY.com, which was wild enough, but upon visiting the site’s homepage I downloaded “The God’s of Eden”. If you are aware of these audio broadcasts, I would really value your opinion. If not, give it a listen. If you do I would really like to know what you think. Namaste, Destiny Star.

  60. I’m here to learn more about you man. I originally started out watching the spirit science cartoons, and now I am here to learn more about you and in return learn more about myself. like you said we are all one. More or less I see you more as a friend than a blogger, we share lots of the same ideas. But mostly I’m here to walk the path the universe has for me.

  61. by the time i made it to episode 21 i was streaming tears. 22 in all five parts, but especially two of them, my heart felt like 100,000 bhodicitta mantras ringing the resonance of existence. your gestalt is so powerful. thank you for showing up. my samaya is strong and my devotion a pure offering of my heart, but in recent days (from the equinox to the cardinal cross) terrence mckenna showed up in my head. the correspondences began aligning. he told me to find the others. find the others and you will know what to do. i found the merkabah meditation, and i found you. i am here to research the practice, and attempt to dial into the living lineage. my eyes in half gaze stillness scan the folds for the lotus feet of the master. but i heard you, and your angel academy friend – from 3 to 5. intellectually i understand what i need to do, it’s just experientially i’m still figuring out how to do it. it’s a quick transition of so much information – translating from the tibetan approach of the ngondro to what we’ve got going on here. but intuitively this makes so much sense. i’ve got to get my consciousness into the heart. it’s the dzogchen perspective, i think. the ngondro seems to be like alchemy. you guys seem to be going right for it. dzogchen. unity. i am only just beginning to understand my own mystic heritage though – so the translation may not be as neat as all of that. in addition, i am missing (nostalgia) my champions and am unfamiliar with the archetypes of this practice. maybe (probably) there aren’t any as i think dzogchen is the edge off where we dissolve that crutch. it’s the open spot of the dervish. i get it. i suppose you just drop in and go with it. i appreciate the help you have offered up to me and to others. thank you for your support.

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