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Growing from Disagreements

I’ve been thinking a lot about disagreements… what is the energy behind a disagreement? Or is there something about it that fuels growth, transformation… even more power?

And for that matter, what does growth mean? What does more power mean? Power as in electricity? Power as in “That was a powerfully moving movie”… In this case, maybe a bit of both.

disagreementFor that matter, what even is a disagreement? The modern definition is; a lack of consensus or approval.

As this year is wrapping up, looking back i’ve seen many different shared experiences i’ve had with different people. In fact, those shared experiences, both good and bad, are what make up a large part of this year. Other events sometimes look like riding planes, trains, playing video games… and yet even those are shared experiences with people. Continue reading

What’s in a Name ~ Part 2


What’s in a Name? – Click to Watch

A year ago I made a video on my Youtube Channel called “What’s in a Name?”, it was essentially an announcement video to the world about my recent “name change”, which went around this big long list from the previous year all the way from “Jordan Duchnycz” to “Jordan SpiritPatch” and a few others I think… Finally culminating in Jordan David.

And i’ve been meaning to do another one, because shortly after making that video I had yet another awakening and realized my true name.

It’s my birth name. Continue reading