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Farewell Movember Stash!

I have a secret to tell you.


Almost everything you’re reading was written over a week ago. As i’m writing this, I know that it’s not going to be posted until next week, which means as YOU’RE reading this, I’m existing in a future reality that hasn’t happened yet for me as I read it.

I guess I just write so many blogs that they pile up and now I’ve got a weeks worth of writing all planned out 🙂 It’s been a really healthy practice for me in the communication zone. I never used to enjoy writing.

It’s kind of fun to think about, we’re making a connection through time and space, to the moment that I wrote this to the time that you read this, two different times, connected through the experience of these words which appear before you. Continue reading

What’s in a Name ~ Part 2


What’s in a Name? – Click to Watch

A year ago I made a video on my Youtube Channel called “What’s in a Name?”, it was essentially an announcement video to the world about my recent “name change”, which went around this big long list from the previous year all the way from “Jordan Duchnycz” to “Jordan SpiritPatch” and a few others I think… Finally culminating in Jordan David.

And i’ve been meaning to do another one, because shortly after making that video I had yet another awakening and realized my true name.

It’s my birth name. Continue reading